Allison Marie Conway is a 40-something year old writer living in Southampton, Pennsylvania. New to sobriety as of January 1, 2022, Allison shares her journey through sobriety with rawness and a kind of grace which can only come from being shaken to her core by the miracle of having woken up to her addiction in time to save and cherish her life, in hindsight, in the presence of a much clearer ‘now,’ and in looking toward a healthier, wilder, freer future. She is also the author of Luminae, a moving collection of poetry and prose reflecting on the light and darkness within the self, described as the inseparable ‘lumen naturea’ by Carl Jung, which is available on Amazon. Allison is new to publishing on substack as of October 14, 2022, and her older archived posts and audios (of which there are many) are still available for free on


Allison Marie Conway
I'm a creative writer in my mid-forties sharing about my newly sober life as I navigate a world hell bent on getting fvcked up. After twenty years of messing with the booze to my ultimate detriment, this is my recovery one day at a time.