Feb 28 • 13M

Introducing Allison Marie Audios: The Steady Voice of Focused Recovery

Sobriety-focused guidance anytime, anywhere, as often as you need.

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Sober Life Coach Allison Marie Conway shares her sobriety guidance and tools in audio format to keep you focused on your continued recovery one day at a time.
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When I was first getting sober over a year ago, the conflicting voices in my head were a huge obstacle to my recovery. That maddening clash of two opposing voices: “Drink.” “Don’t drink.” “Drink.” “Don’t drink.” “DRINK.” “DON’T, THO!” On and on the torture went inside my mind. Those early days were so damn tough to ride out. Cravings. Confusion. Feeling like I was all alone with the raging battle inside my head between my addiction wanting to drag me under versus the newly determined and empowered voice of my sober self, who wanted me to win with everything she had.

Now at fourteen months sober, the voice of my recovering self is strong, steady, fierce and unwavering. And something about that calm, capable inner presence that was emerging day by day, hour by hour, as I got grounded in my early sobriety, allowed me to believe that I could get better. That if I did not drink, if I did the work no matter how challenging, the true depths of my grandest self would be revealed. Wanting to meet that deeper, grander self so badly is what got me through the toughest of dark times. It still does.

In my newest offering: Allison Marie Audios, I share the sound of my voice, the steady, guiding voice of my sober-coach self, with you. It is honest, raw, motivating and uplifting. As a sober life coach, my work is to keep us focused on recovery. To offer tools, structure, guidance and plenty of good vibes to remind us that this path of sobriety we have chosen is tough as hell but also magnificent beyond measure.

In today’s introductory episode, I share two things: first, I (re)introduce myself. I talk about my own story of addiction and recovery, which includes becoming a mother at eighteen years old, losing my mother three months before my wedding day, and most recently leaving my corporate job to strike out on my own. The second thing I share is what inspired me to create these sober-coaching audios tools. I believe we all need to hear the voice of recovery, the voice of hope and strength, loud and clear in our minds to keep us focused and steady in sobriety. Every audio I create is to elevate, celebrate, and emphasize that voice and keep it fresh in your mind.

I am offering this first audio to both my free and paid substack subscribers so that we all have a chance to start off on the same foot, so to speak. :) All future episodes will be offered to paid subscribers only. Paid subscribers will receive at least two audios per month, quite possibly more. To subscribe so you don’t miss out, just enter your email address below and navigate to the paid subscription options and choose what suits you best.

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Thank you for being here. Together we are humanizing addiction and recovery, just by being our honest, soft, shaky, brilliant selves inside of it.

All my love and respect. Let’s keep going. x